CGI Construction Management



Phase Details

  • Project Management - Allocate a point of contact / accountability
  • Existing Facility - Evaluation what are the clients needs
  • CPM Scheduling - Allocated time line of construction
  • Cost Estimating - Begin to budget construction design and build-out
  • Value Engineering - Workshops Incorporate subcontractor expertise in cost savings
  • Pre Construction - Phase Begin final budgets / final schedule / support allocation
  • Document Review - Complete final budget / long lead items discussed/ confirm schedule
  • Award Trade Contracts - Complete trade buy-outs / award contracts / insurance requirements
  • Decision / Issue Management - Confirm RFI process / client & architect site meetings / field reports
  • Value Management - Confirm limited change orders / scheduling / budget
  • Construction Phase - Manage field construction



CGI will allocate a complete full time project manager on your project from the start they will organize the design team and incorporate subcontractors in the design and engineering aspects of the project. CGI knows that starting a project this way allows all experts the opportunity to value engineer and stay on course with the prescribed budget. CGI’s goal is to develop and implement an effective project management program, tailored to fit each client’s specified project. Our project management programs range from comprehensive construction management to discrete technical services.


CGI provides detailed facility analysis to owners and managers of commercial, industrial and residential properties. This service consists of a comprehensive evaluation of existing conditions, recommending solutions to problems identified and preparing cost estimates.

Each commission is assigned a team of professionals and technicians appropriate for the scope of the project: a partner-in-charge, project designer and job captain. They are supported by the various disciplines as needed to assure an uninterrupted chain of contact, service and responsibility. Through our long-standing association with the leading consultants in various disciplines, those projects which require specialists such as mechanical and electrical engineers will find integrating their work into a project an effortless task.


CGI provides the planning and scheduling expertise to maximize project coordination minimize delays and identify the constraints of labor, cash flow, material and equipment. Our in-house computer system, utilizing “Microsoft projects / Expedition / Sure Track,” performs all schedule calculations and network plot graphics (SEE SAMPLE SCHEDULE)


Our staff offers a complete range of construction estimating services including budget, preliminary and final estimates. We maintain a computer augmented construction cost database to supplement the analysis, bid evaluation and negotiation.


In conjunction with the owner and design team, CGI staff implements and coordinates formal value engineering workshops, which optimize the design-cost relationship scope of the construction analysis.


Our pre-construction management process revolves around the horizontal and vertical communication among our executive, estimating, purchasing and project management departments. Our project manager is the prime administrator whose role is to oversee the organization and coordination of these departments. The project manager presides over in-house staff meetings that are held to coordinate duties and direct the effort in the most efficient manner possible in order to reach the goals of the project. These goals, in the pre-construction phase of the project, are to aid in the design development effort so that the project can be defined, brought-out and constructed within the budget and time constraints. This will be achieved while providing the maximum quality and time management for the materials and equipment utilized in the construction of the project.


The CGI team will review the drawings and specifications at each stage of document. During this process we will check and review the documents for coordination and consistency between the architect and client, as well as for completeness of construction documents and bid-ability. As a result of these reviews, we will report to the owner and the design teams our findings and recommendations at the scheduled coordination and review meetings. In addition, we will develop a “ Document List” and update this list each time documents are released by the architects, consultants, and owner. The project manager will attend all coordination meetings held with the architect, consultants, and owner. Depending upon the thrust of the meeting, they will also decide which other technical support personnel should be present. The team will ensure that the development of the design is on schedule, within cost restraints, and adhere to design and quality intent.


CGI will award contracts with each subcontractor and confirm approved insurance requirements. In addition we will set up / confirm payment plans and quality expectations, discuss long lead items and confirm point of contact. We will write up purchase orders (contracts) between CGI and subcontractors and incorporate expectations of lien releases through out the payment process.


During the design phase of a project, it is of paramount importance to implement a method of tracking the decision making process. The team will provide the means and methods of documenting and categorizing the key decisions that are necessary to keep the design phase on schedule. We will provide a periodic report outlining the following information required, the date the information is required, the parties responsible for providing the information and the decision made. In order to provide the design team and owner with the opportunity to make timely decisions, we will act as the focal point and provide necessary communications to all parties involved.


As a vital member of the overall project team, CGI will advise and suggest various alternatives with regard to cost, construction ability and availability of materials and equipment. Value engineering studies can be provided during the development of the documents. It is our normal practice to give consideration to alternate construction methods, systems and materials. Additionally, we will provide periodic studies to the construction team that will allow the owner and the architect the opportunity to make decisions necessary to continue the design process.

All services for pre-construction and construction would be performed with our in-house staff to pull the team together. As construction manager, it is our responsibility to lead the team, a diverse group, and keep them moving toward the mutual goal of finishing a complex project on time and within budget.


Complete project oversight, on staff daily project super and daily job clean up, via construction laborer. The project super will manage all daily activity, produce daily reports, and follow up on long lead items. In addition the project super will coordinate and comply with landlords rules and regulations. Managing quality control and mile –stones, such as long lead items that will affect the completion of the project will become the project supers primary daily focus. The project supers will communicate with the project manager many times in a workday reviewing all items that will and are allowing the project to be completed on time and with-in the primary budget.